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The desire for creating dental works
imitating nature in high precision is considered by us a source of inspiration!

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Our Company

The Art Dental Eurolab was established in 2014 by Antonis Kalogridis, a second generation dental technician. Together with his father, Michael Kalogridis, they manage the dental laboratory named Art Dental Lab ( that was founded by the father in 1978.

Following a long-term and distinguished activity within the greek market, it was decided the establishment of the new dental laboratory, Art Dental Eurolab, which will cover exclusively the european market.

Having the experience, the know-how, the style and the most up-to-date technical and digital equipment in combination with a highly trained personnel, we are able to deliver promtly works, combining the aesthetic with the functionality.



Antonia Kalogridi
Dental Surgeon, Chania, Crete

Antonia Kalogridi Being lucky enough as  I was brought up by dental technicians, I came into contact with the subject of prosthodontics at a very young age.

This fact played a significant role in my decision of becoming a dentist. So, after finishing my studies, I worked for 5 years, and in 2009 managed to inaugurate my own practice in Chania, Crete.

Since then, I have been assigning all my dental works to the Art Dental Lab, which belongs to my family. My everyday communication, for professional reasons of course, with my father Michel and m brother Antonis, is excellent, given the fact that the highest quality of dental works is part and parcel of our cooperation. So, I dare to admit in advance that everything I undertake will go well, something really vital for many every dentist.

At this point, I would like to mention that our father took both me and my brother to work at a very young age. Thus, I know from the inside what can go wrong into a dental work and what a denstist should pay attention to so as to help the dental technician perform the desired effect bearing in mind the field of esthetics as well as functionality itself. So, every hardship can be prevented and at the same time delivery times can be hastened.

Still, I would like to express my ultimate satisfaction concerning my brother’s professional advancement. Antonis has proven to be a great support for my father, who created this dental laboratory from scratch, an honorable successor of this vocational heritage, as well as a skilled and efficient dental technician. Let us not forget that, from a very young age, he has managed to gain the attention and trust of very big companies. I am sure that Antonis will be very successful in this field and I wish he would always remain inspiring and creative.”

Irene Christidou
Professor, University of Immobile Prosthetics of Athens,

Irene Christidou Antonis Kalogridis’ theoretical and practical background makes him able to create complete dental works following the rules of contemporary prosthodontics.

What distinguishes him though, is his excellent skills of lending absolute naturality to every piece of his work.

Leonidas Karadimas
Prosthodontist, Glyfada, Greece

Leonidas Karadimas I have been cooperating with the Art Dental Lab for many years. The completion of dental works through high quality and aesthetics is the cornerstone of our common effort. Functionality is fundamental too, regarding the time of delivery, even through; sometimes it can be extremely pressing.

Our mutual understanding is another reason for our exceptional collaboration in dealing with difficult divergent patient cases needing special care.

I would like to refer separately to the art section of the Art Dental Lab, developed by Antonis Kalogridis, which completes our collaboration spectrum.

Thus, when the aesthetic demands of the patient-client are the highest seeking absolute naturality, the Art Dental Lab, utilizing the know-how as well as the best possible individual color sampling and measuring either in its premises or in my practice, can assure the ultimate guarantee

ND Novadental

ND Novadental Michael Kalogridis’ Art Dental Lab was founded in 1978 and has always been using material of the highest quality in the world market and up-to-date equipment.

Specifically in 2003, the Art Dental Lab was one of the first to order the Cad Cam from Novadental whose 32-year cooperation is based in mutual appreciation and trust.

Traditionally, the Art Dental Lab pays great attention to high esthetics dental works. We were pleasantly surprised by Michael Kalogridis’ son, Antonis Kalogridis’ active participation, who, having gained all of his fathers’ knowledge and experience in combination to this hard work and exceptional talent, has succeeded in bringing dental works of high esthetics to a whole new level.

Antonis Kalogridis’ pieces of work were promoted to globally acknowledged dental technicians who had a unanimous agreement on his special skills.
This dental works were also exhibited in a display stand by Novadental so as to reveal the abilities of ceramic material. The ultimate goal was to distinguish the successful combination of high esthetics in accordance with the latest ceramic material.

Simeonidis Nikolaos
Trainer Ivoclar Vivadent Technical, Dental Vision

Simeonidis Nikolaos

In 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting Kalogridis family and especially the exceptional colleague and by now friend, Antonis Kalogridis.

The team spirit characterizing the lab, as well as Antonis’s great zeal for the continuous training and evolution of his lab, were factors that impressed me from the beginning. 

Knowing that our company’s products will be used with love and respect towards the patients and his collaborating dentists, pleases me the most in this cooperation. 

Euaggelos Konstantarakis
Dental Surgeon, Chania, Crete

Euaggelos Konstantarakis My collaboration with Michael Kalogridis started in 1978. Together we have faced very difficult and complex cases emphasizing in esthetics as well as functionality.

What I would like gladly to refer through, is that, as a dentist for many decades, I have had the opportunity to ascertain myself the longterm endurance of the dental works accomplished in accordance with Michael Kalogridis  and the Art Dental Lab.

In addition to this, I would like to stress the consistency characterizing the Art Dental Lab as regards to the tradition of its dental works despite the distance keeping us apart.

Last, but not least, I would like to express my satisfaction for Michael Kalogridis’s son, Antonis Kalogridis course of advance, who appears to be specially talented and his father’s respectable successor.

Elpida Pipini
Dental Surgeon, Mytilini, Greece

Elpida Pipini My collaboration with Michael Kalogridis and the Art Dental Lab started in 1990.

Our excellent communication combined with his longterm experience, renders him an important consultant for dealing with any problem-peculiarity which comes to light.

The fixed or removable dental prosthetics I received are always of the highes quality and esthetics, in addition to the punctuality of delivery which characterizes our cooperation.

Thus, I couldn’t be more satisfied to hear that Michael Kalogridis’ son, Antonis Kalogridis, has successfully followed his father’s profession, assuming a continuously glorious progress as a dental technician.

Why us

The desire for creating dental works imitating nature in high precision is considered by us a source of inspiration.

Following long-term observation of dental matter, constant experimentation with our material from the core to the final stratification, as well as utilization of specialized digital equipment, we have acquired the know-how and style so that we are able to lend to our works the color, morphology and texture they should bear, contemplating “the age of the mouth”, for a completely natural result.

The ability to accomplish individual works demanding special coloring schemes and measurements based on the gold restorations, always bearing in mind the ultimate aesthetics and functionality, is the basis of philosophy of the Art Dental Lab.

Reasons of preference

Successful fussiness running for 37 years and firm cooperation with private practices in Athens and other Greek cities. Up-to-date equipment like cad-cam systems, laser, burrs, etc High quality material of globally distinguished companies. Sufficient working human resources guaranteeing dental work delivery in the least possible time. Full range of dental works, fixed-removable prosthetics Ability to accomplish individualized dental works of high esthetics.



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